Value of Contemporary Art Documentary (director/producer/presenter) (2016)

A 60-min exploration of what makes contemporary art valuable, from the perspective of artists, gallerists, teachers, buyers, auctioneers and critics. Tara looks at not just the commerce of art, but its essence.

Riksdag: Democracy in Sweden Documentary (director, producer, presenter)  (2016)

The Swedish parliament is one of the most progressive of its kind. Tara travels to Stockholm and speaks to 7 Iranian MPs from the left and right sides of the spectrum to understand the mechanics of this political body.

Welcome to My Life: Araz Fazaeli Documentary (director, producer, editor)  (2016 )

A 30-minute profile of Araz Fazaeli, brain behind the popular blog The Tehran Times as he launches his second clothing collection during Paris Fashion Week.

Ticket: Stockholm (Ep 4) Docu-Series (director, producer, presenter, writer) (2015)

On the last episode of the series, Tara meets members of the Iranian community in Stockholm, and she hears their stories of immigration, exile, survival and success.

Ticket- Los Angeles (Ep 3) Docu-Series (director, producer, presenter, writer) (2015)

They call it Tehrangeles, as it's home to a half million Iranians. Tara meets the colourful characters who have carved out their own meaning of Iranian identity, one that is closely linked to their American ideas.

Ticket – London (Ep 2) Docu-Series (director, producer, presenter, writer) (2015)

London is one of the most diverse and multicultural cities. Tara speaks to Iranians of different backgrounds and fields to see how the old Empire attracts so many other nationals to call it home.

Ticket – Toronto (Ep 1) Docu-series (director, producer, presenter, writer)  (2015)

Stories of some of the 6-million Iranians living in major cities outside their homeland. They are businessmen, artists, students, political refugees, and other second or first generation immigrants who have integrated on different levels with their adopted country.

Youth in Canada Documentary 

Small World – Barcelona (Ep 7) Documentary 

Small World – Vienna (Ep 6) Documentary 

Small World – Milano (Ep 5) Documentary 

Small World – Lisbon (Ep 4) Documentary 

Small World – Prague (Ep 3) Documentary 

Small World – Berlin (Ep 2) Documentary 

Small World – Paris (Ep 1) Documentary