A portrait of Tara Aghdashloo

Tara Aghdashloo started high school as a freshly landed Iranian immigrant in Toronto, Canada. She had decided she wanted to write since before she knew how to.

Aghdashloo pursued her story-telling dreams at Ryerson University’s Journalism School, and published articles and reports for a range of newspapers and magazines, while finishing an internship at the Ottawa Citizen Newspaper. She published her poetry collection in 2011 before moving to London, where she completed her MA in Global Media and Postnational Communication at SOAS University, and shifted focus to broadcast production. After a few years with the BBC World, she worked at Manoto Television and wrote, produced, directed, and presented a number of shows and documentaries until 2016. She’s been published in the Guardian, Bullett Media, The New Inquiry, Ibraaz, Fashion Magazine, Art RabbitAdult, and Ottawa Citizen, among others.

Her forays into curation began as she co-directed and curated TIL Gallery in East London for two years. She’s now working independently on film and documentary projects, while writing, as always, in both English and Persian. Tara Aghdashloo Studios is her production company.